Glass Resin Body Coating from Japan + Star Shine

1 Hardness 6H, Thickness 2.5µm, Shines for a long time

2 Easy Maintenance

3 Perfect Chemical Bonding (Evenness)

Ecoshieldis a glass resin coating that is specifically designed to keep the vehicle paintwork appears as of showroom quality. It smoothens out the rough surface regions so that micro-dusts will not be trapped and further deters the glossiness of the body paint. Ecoshield™ has water-repellent functionality and provides the best of weather and heat resistance.

Resistance to fine swirls and marring

Stays clean and glossy longer than other products

Low sliding angle ensures less water droplets left on surface

Resistance to brake dust, iron contaminants, bugs, tar, bird bombs and UV

Dust blows off and dirt washes off easily

It’s a multilayer coating system that protects the body paint and maintain its glosiness.

With coating, the paint on the vehicle body is protected and its finishing is maintained

Without coating, vehicle body paint loses its glossiness fast by UV Rays from the sun, acid rain, dirt, stains, etc.

It is a glass resin over-coated on the car body paint which protects and maintains its gloss level

Easy to remove dirt, dusts, stains, water marks and bird droppings on vehicle body.

Do it once in 2-weeks. Maintenance has to be done once every 2 weeks

Wash off any dirt, dust, stains, bird droppings on the car by a waterhose within a day

Maintenance Step:
1) Rinse the car body with clean water by using a waterhose
2) Wipe the car immediately with a clean microfiber cloth
3) Spray 'Conditioner' onto a dry non-woven cloth
4) Spread gently and evenly on the vehicle body