RB Series

Offering the best in heat protection and safety film. ECOTINT RB is designed to provide superior protection against the sun's heat, glare and UV radiation, while still allowing a high degree of sunlight penetration or VLT (Visible Light Transmission). Perfect for designer homes and offices, and shop frontages. The SAFETY 4-12 mil film is designed to protect against glass breakage injuries caused by extreme weather conditions, crime and accidents.



The ECOTINT Optivision Series films provides a high degree of heat, UV and glare reduction protection, while offering a more contemporary outlook and a more natural daylight penetration.


A cost efficient solution to heat, UV and glare reduction protection, with a cool "mirror effect" for extra privacy. A popular series amongst the urbanites in city living.


ECOTINT offers a wide range of frosted and decorative films that can be used around the office, shops, complexes and even the home to enhance the look, image and privacy of your premises. ( Fine frosted, pattern frosted, coloured frosted, coloured matte)